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Free Runescape Scam

Runescape Free Account Scam
Do a search for Runescape and you will most likely find several articles promising a free Runescape account. Usually the article claims to give a free account to the person who leaves the most comments or page views. When you consider that Runescape is the most common topic on gameolosophy then you cans ee the impact these stories have. New articles are published as fast as Triond can delete them. Why are they deleted? These articles are against the TOS of Triond. Not only are they against the TOS they are almost always a scam. Let’s look at them.

Are they a scam? Have you ever wondered how the authors of these articles can give away so many free Runescape accounts? Most of the time they give away nothing. They promise to contact the winner by email so no winner is ever announced on the article. If they announced a winner then people would stop visiting and commenting and their revenue would end. You see they earn money for your clicks on their Runescape article and comments help them rank higher on Google’s search engine. To announce a winner brings that to a halt. Think how many of them have announced a winner of a Runescape account.

Let’s say they actually do give away an account. I am sure some do because otherwise word might slowly get around. Where does this account come from? Maybe they leveled it up their selves. It is possible. Runescape becomes a slow grind at higher levels and skills but it is possible. But how do the level up four or five accounts at a time, over and over? Impossible, but it is possible to hack and steal those Runescape accounts. That is really sad when so many of the comments claim to have had their account stolen. If the account did belong to the person giving it away, what is to stop them from reporting it stolen and claiming it back. These people are scammers and cannot be trusted.

Plus as I mentioned Runescape giveaways are against the TOS of Triond. These articles defraud the advertiser. The advertiser pays to have their ads viewed, hopefully by people who might click on an ad. People merely spam commenting in hopes of winning a Runescape account are not taking time to notice ads. The advertisers want their ads on actual well written articles. This may not matter to the casual Runescape player in search of a free account but it damages the relationship between gameolosphy and the advertiser. Soon they will be hesitant to advertise on a Runescape article. Then the actual rare informative, well written Runescape article will disappear all together. Already Triond restricts Runescape articles and I am sure a complete ban will be coming soon.

It also hurts the author who writes well written game articles and isn’t limited to Runescape. These fake articles promising a free Runescape account take spots that should be going to well written game articles. Promising a free account for clicks creates false traffic to propel them to the hot content and popular articles lists. This gives them more publicity while taking it away from other well written articles.

Please do not visit these articles, but instead report them to Triond. Visiting them at the least puts money in their pockets at worst you risk getting scammed